The Treasure Trove of Al-Quran

Have you ever been faced by a dilemma, unable to find answers, but once you opened the Quran you found the solution instantly? It's as though the Quran speaks directly to us, and has just the right words to soothe our troubled hearts. Indeed, most people would remember a time when recitation of Quran brought immediate relief to their pain, worry or fear, and made the road ahead seem brighter.
Why should the Quran Kareem not bring relief to our hearts when Allah Ta’ala has said: “It is a Guide and a Healing to those who believe” (41:44)

During the Communist era, Moscow was trying to attract numerous nations to adopt its ideology through promises of lavish aid and advancement. One of these nations was Egypt, and President Jamal Abdun Nasser was given similar promises on a state visit if only he would give up Islaam for Communism. The president did not respond and returned to Egypt.
It so happened that three years later another diplomatic mission was leaving from Egypt to Moscow and Jamal Abdun Nasser assumed that he would be presented with the same proposal again. He felt he needed support to defend his stance, so he summoned the renowned reciter of Quran, Qari Abdul Basit to accompany him on the mission.
As expected, Russia once again offered the same lavish aid package to Egypt on condition that Jamal Abdun Nasser would steer his country away from Islam and towards Communism.
In reply, President Jamal Abdun Nasser introduced Qari Abdul Basit as his friend who would like to recite something in front of the Russians. Qari Abdul Basit then began reciting from the Quran Kareem with the Russians looking on. After reciting two sections, he looked up and said that he saw a fascinating miracle of the Quran Kareem. All the Russian delegates were crying. President Jamal Abdun Nasser smiled and asked his Russian counterparts why they were crying. One of them said, “We do not know why this is happening. There is something powerful in your friend’s voice that has softened our hearts and made our eyes stream with tears.”

The Quran Kareem is such a fantastic miracle of Allah Ta’ala that it forges its own path into the hearts of even those who refuse to accept it!

We must correct our intention before reciting the Quran and by doing so we will gain tremendous spiritual and physical benefit.

May Allah Almighty let the Quran Kareem be a means of peace entering our hearts and lives!